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Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services Customized to the Needs of Your Practice

In today’s healthcare climate, quality patient care is more important than ever.  With changing regulations, it’s increasingly difficult to manage your healthcare operations, cash flow, and patients’ needs.  More and more, healthcare operations are choosing to outsource their medical billing to professionals like us, who stay on top of ever-changing regulations.

Investing in a national medical billing service could be more efficient and cheaper than allocating billing services to internal staff. The cost of overhead is diversified among a group of clients, offering lower costs at economies of scale. With a trained team of specialists, outsourced medical billing could be your solution to lowering costs at your organization and improving your cash flow.  

We work with a variety of healthcare operations, including physician offices, nursing homes, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers of every size.  No matter the operation or its size, we work towards providing the same peace of mind and lower operation costs.

Considering hiring a medical billing staff? Let our team handle the high-pressures of the daunting tasks and let us make your life easier! Here's how:

Our Services

  • Collecting patient data from services provided
  • Ensuring incident to billing is properly used
  • Billing in compliance
  • Batching and submitting claims
  • Reporting checks

Benefits of Outsourced Billing Services

  • Faster payments by offering faster billing and revenue cycles
  • Less mistakes from internal staff
  • Keep on top of regulatory and industry changes
  • Reduced costs from pay-as-you-go services
Medical Billing Specialist

From full-service medical billing options to customized solutions, we’ll find the best way to alleviate your practice’s medical billing pressure points.

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Focus on Quality Patient Care – We’ll Handle the Billing

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