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Medical Staff Credentialing Specialists & Services

Streamline Your Medical Credentialing Process with Specialists

At best, credentialing and re-credentialing providers is a time-consuming and lengthy process. In most cases, credentialing ties down your staff and is highly inefficientFortunately, hiring a medical credentialing specialist can streamline the credentialing process to get your staff back to what’s most important; serving patients!

If you’re new to healthcare credentialing, it can take valuable time to sift through ever-changing regulations and complications.  As credentialing specialists, we’re familiar with changing regulations in the credentialing process. Trust Medical UBS to handle your medical and physician credentialing needs and ensure that your practice is free from liability.

We can even predict what your operation may face ahead of time, based on our other clients’ experiences. With a wealth of in house resources and trained staff, we can take away the cost and headache of medical credentialing to make your practice more lean and efficient!

You Can’t Afford Poor or Haphazard Credentialing Processes

As much friction as medical credentialing puts on physicians, it’s an important process that shouldn’t be overlooked. Procrastinating your credentialing process could end up costing you valuable hires and scheduling conflicts. Haphazard credentialing processes that overlook alarming background information could leave you open to liabilities and irrevocably harm your practice.

As much as bureaucracy stymies efficiency, it’s also designed to protect patients. But this doesn’t mean your credentialing process needs to slow down your practice or cost you valuable money in the long-run. Trust a provider credentialing services specialist instead and save yourself the headache!  

The Benefit of Hiring Credentialing Specliaists

At UBS, we understand the amount of pressure that today’s healthcare providers are under to perform. Credentialing should not get in the way of delivering quality patient care.  That’s why providers often call on us to handle their medical staff credentialing process.

Our team of medical credentialing experts will relieve your staff of credentialing, saving them time and lowering your operating costs.  As professional administrators, we are familiar with the demands of today’s credentialing landscape. Our expertise will create fewer roadblocks and surprises during your credentialing process.  We’ll also anticipate your practice’s challenges ahead of time, shortening the process and saving you money.

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